About Bananasplit


The Bananasplits were a group of four characters from a 70's TV show. They were: Bingo, Drooper, Fleegle and Snorky. I decided to name my servers and PC's after these characters, and subsequently my Mixmaster and Mixminion remailer nodes. My domain name of bananasplit.info is currently the highest hit on Google when someone searches for "Bananasplit". This has led to one rather grumpy Email from a cartoon fan, but I can't say I felt a lot of Sympathy for him.

Most of the Bananasplit environment runs from my spare bedroom which has been converted into an office. As the room only measures 3 x 2 Metres, it's a little squashed in here! There is just room to get in and out of the door and to sit in my swivel chair that rotates me between keyboards.


Bingo is my desktop PC. It runs a GUI and I sit infront of it with lots of Xterm sessions running.

AMD Athlon XP1900 CPU
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Motherboard
768MB Memory
2 x Seagate Barracuda disks (80GB + 40GB)

Debian Etch
kernel-2.6.12 (Custom compiled kernel) postfix-2.2.3 with native TLS support (Secondary MX for bananasplit.info)
bind-9.3.1 (Secondary DNS for bananasplit.info)


Snorky is a test and backup server. I run all sorts of stuff on this box, mainly for testing new services before productionising them.

AMD Athlon XP2400 CPU
Asus A7V266e Motherboard
768MB Memory
2 x Seagate Barracude 80GB disks (mirrored)
2 x Seagate Barracude 60GB disks (mirrored)

Fedora Linux (Yarrow)
postfix-2.0.16-7 compiled with support for TLS (Mail Transfer Agent)
bind-9.2.2.P3-9 (Secondary DNS)


Drooper is a Sun Ultra 10 running Solaris v9. Currently it's not switched on as I hate Solaris and I'm waiting for the next release of Debian Linux which will hopefully run on it. This machine was my first step into the wonderful world of nix.


Fleegle is a Windows XP Workstation that I tend to use as my primary console, accessing my Linux servers from it by way of Telnet. It's also the box I use for writing DVD's and CD's, along with a thousand and one other tasks that aren't directly related to the services I provide. Despite being a Linux advocate, I still think Windows makes a really good Desktop platform.

AMD Athlon XP2500 (Barton) CPU
Asus A7V333 (rev2) Motherboard
768MB Memory
2 x Seagate Barracude 40GB Disks
2 x Seagate Barracuda 80GB Disks
Plus various CD and DVD readers and writers and a host of USB devices


All the above machines, plus a laptop and a test server are all attached to a couple of 100Mb/s switches, that in turn connect to a D-Link ADSL router which has a 1024/256kb/s pipe to the Internet. I'd love to provide more upstream bandwidth which would enable me to expand my services, but sadly the 256kb/s limit is common to all the available ADSL solutions currently available in the UK. I guess the ISP's simply don't want people to deliver services.